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Product Features:
            Continuous power
            Wireless Operation
            Temperature guard
            Extensive testing
            Simple operation
            Easy installation
            Enhanced communication
            Remore capable
            Exclusive benefits
about Municipalities

   Municipalities and Water Districts will have a special interest in the Climate Computer. The Climate Computer
has a patented MUNICIPAL REMOTE OVERRIDE CONTROL (MROC) that allows Municipalities and Water Districts
to totally control irrigation. Then can you incorporate this page under municipalities which explains MROC.
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ico Expense

    Enforcement is the single largest expense when monitoring or controlling residential irrigation. The remote control pager feature of the Climate Computer allows simple and positive control of water usage at a minimal cost.
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ico Code

Each Climate Computer unit has a ZIP CODE entered when the unit is installed. The City can control the Climate Computer by entering a ZIP CODE in the control system. The operator then enters the number of days the irrigation should be stopped. The Climate Computer(s) with that ZIP CODE will shut down for that period of time and then after the number of days have elapsed,will continue normal operation.

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