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Product Features:
            Continuous power
            Wireless Operation
            Temperature guard
            Extensive testing
            Simple operation
            Easy installation
            Enhanced communication
            Remore capable
            Exclusive benefits
about Vision
buldEonic Creations Inc. is a high-energy team of entrepreneurs and engineers who have come together to develop, acquire and commercialize environmentally     conscious technology.
buldGlobal climate change combined with ever increasing populations is putting a strain on our environment and natural resources.  Eonic Creations Inc. is      dedicated to reducing these negative effects.
buldEonic Creations effectively  addresses two devastating effects of climate change:
        •  Continually worsening droughts
        •  Home destruction due to more frequent and widespread wildfires
buldIn response, we have developed a pipeline of paradigm shifting high-tech products specifically designed to maximize the ability to mitigate these escalating     problems. 
buldOur Inspiration:
Based in Austin Texas, Eonic Creations benefits from being immersed in a city  where high technology collaboratively embraces cutting edge environmentalism.  Empowered by this community of diverse skills we are able to develop products with significant environmental impact within a proven business model.